10 Studies in English
  01 The State of Israel in danger
  02 The City of Refuge in antitype
  03 Gods Wrath
  04 God gave plenty of space to Japheth
  05 The Messiah typified by Joseph
  06 True Freedom for the children of God
  07 Confusion of Tongues and the Seven Times
  08 Jerusalem and the kingdom of God
  09 Is the True God a Trinity
  10 The Ebed YHWH of the End Times
  11 Jacob I loved but Esau I hated - Part 1
  12 Michael-the archangel-in conflict with Satans empire
  13 Esther, she who hid
  14 Melchizedek in Hebrews
  15 Jacob I loved but Esau I hated - Part 2
  16 The Ga'al who could not redeem
  17 The exquisite wine withheld for later
  18 Leviticus chapter 12 - The truths behind the purification procedures
  19 The Prodigal Son
  20 The Rapture of Jesus' Congregational Body
  21 There are many abodes in the House of my Father
  22 The Rich man and the poor Lazarus
  24 The Feast of trumpets